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manchester-cake-deliveryHi, I’m Samantha Arora, yep that’s me, guess where! Originally from Manchester, moved to Watford and I started Watford Cakes to turn my cake making passion into my business.

Now I am back in Manchester! Moved back in May 2013 and I now operate under the twin personas of WatfordCakes.com and Ickletweats.com. Confused yet!

Its just that the old website still has some traction for now and can help publicise my Manchester cake making business. And the name ‘ickle tweats’, where did that come from? It was to describe small cake treats for my children and the name just sort of stuck.

I began making cakes so far back I can’t remember I must have made thousands in my time. I started ‘ickle tweats’ quite a while ago but mainly it was to supply family and friends. When they saw the birthday cakes I made for my three children, it was inevitable that they wanted them too.Being a great fan of Facebook I found that I quickly gained a wider audience by just posting what I was doing for the kids, family and friends. Finally I thought I had better get more professional.

That said everything I do, I do myself, nothing is outsourced and often I work long hours into the night making sure that you, my valued clients, get the best cakes that I can produce. The designs are all mine, sometimes born from an idea that a client may have for a special occasion and they go from there. In other words if you can imagine it you can have it, you just need to contact me with your idea. Manchester cake delivery is no problem but I cannot send by post, the cakes are unlikely to make it in one piece.

If you see a cake in my growing portfolio that you like but want it modified for your own needs, no problem, just ask. Favourites among my customers are my 3d cakes, particularly the childrens cakes, which are really popular at children’s birthday parties because they can be modelled to capture the child’s imagination and usually reflect a passion that the child will have. The 3d themed cakes also come into their own with adults, here I have been asked to design and make birthday cakes depicting everything from caravan to a Sudoku cube cake.

The rise in popularity for TV shows like ‘Cupcake Wars‘ has been great for my cake making, so many clients want these little cakes, I see cupcakes becoming even more mainstream in the future. These days many wedding cakes are made using cupcakes and the trend is rising.

Personally I like a challenge and I take great pleasure in creating a celebration cake that is unique and cannot be found easily on the high street. Case in point is my now famous Buckingham Palace Cake that I designed and baked for a major international hotel chain. It was for a five hundred guest Queens Diamond Jubilee Party.

I can design and supply any type of cake from a simple birthday party cake to a full blown wedding cake. Please browse my gallery and posts for inspiration, if you like what you see just phone or e-mail from my contact page and I will get right back to you.

A selection of cakes that don't fit any other category. Something for everyone here :-) ...

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It's been a very busy summer "break" in the ickle tweats kitchen, I've got so many fabulous cakes to share with you. That will have to wait for a quieter day though, for now you can look at the fabulous gin and lemon cakes that are currently cooling ready to be turned into a gin masterpiece tomorrow (if all goes to plan...and if I don't eat them first 😂) ...

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Another school year over, and another batch of gifts for the fabulous hard working teachers and support staff left the ickle tweats kitchen and work shop. Here are a few of them.... ...

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Ickle Tweats updated their profile picture. ...

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"Vintage Book"

A few weeks ago I was asked to make this beautiful book cake for a Christening. It's carved from a large carrot cake covered with sugar paste, topped with paper thin sugar paste pages. The inscription is hand painted and it's finished with a bookmark, presented on a decorated "leather bound" board. The page edges are all finished in edible gold paint.

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